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SOUTHERN: adjective; living in the South.
WELL: adjective; in good health.
BEING: noun; a living entity.

The idea for The Southern Well Being came about from a true need for more information on all things healthy living and wellness, geared towards those of us living in the southern part of the US. Southerners are into wellness too, ya’ll.

The Southern Well Being is an online wellness publication dedicated to all things involving greater well being.

Founded by certified health coach, mom, and passionate wellness advocate Elizabeth Finch, The Southern Well Being aspires to become the online destination for Southern Well Beings who are looking for the latest information on healthy eating, fitness, body positivity, non-toxic beauty, holistic health, spirituality, and all other topics revolving around wellness. We make wellness and healthy living more fun, exciting, hip and, most importantly, more attainable for everyone.



As a yoga and group fitness instructor and a health coach certified through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN), Elizabeth Finch believes that wellness is a lifestyle. She also believes that wellness is a journey and that continuous learning and applying is what keeps us on the path to greater well being. As a mom of two daughters, Elizabeth is passionate about teaching the next generation about the importance of self love, self trust, tuning into the self and intuitive wellness. Elizabeth holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a major in marketing from the University of Arkansas. She is a regular wellness expert on Good Morning Arkansas and has been featured in Little Rock Soirée Magazine, The Arkansas 100, FIT Arkansas and more.

Focus On Wellness: my morning quiet time and meditation, journaling, books, hot yoga, hot baths and foods that help keep my dosha in balance (Vata-Pitta).

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