I’m a mom of two, a certified yoga and group fitness teacher, a certified health coach (IIN), a course creator and an advocate of real and sustainable wellness through exercise, eating well and balancing energy. But my lifestyle hasn’t always felt as good as it does now. I used to be obsessed with calorie counting and had a very restrictive relationship with food. I believed that every workout had to be grueling. I didn’t have a positive relationship with myself and struggled with feeling unworthy and not enough. I was insecure and turned to overconsumption of food and alcohol to numb my emotions and insecurities. I had a very unhealthy relationship with both of these things. I finally grew tired of living that way when I realized that it was wrecking me. I desparately wanted to have a healthier relationship with myself and with food. I craved less controlling and a more intuitive connection with my body.

When I finally got honest with myself is when things really started to shift. I finally began to accept and love myself when I made time each day for quiet and prayer and meditation and personal growth. I became gentler and more compassionate with myself and let go of the self judgment. I knew in order to really heal my relationship with food and myself, I had to forget everything I knew about dieting and learn how to listen to my own body’s communication around what was best for ME.

I completed my health coach training program at IIN (The Institute for Integrative Nutrition) in 2013 and became a certified yoga teacher in 2018. Now I’m passionate about sharing the message of real and sustainable wellness and living a lifestyle that FEELS good. My goal is to show other women how to tune into their bodies and learn to listen for the signals and signs that your body gives you around pleasure, hunger, satiety and harmony. It is possible to make this shift and live this way. I know because I did it through focusing on three key anchors in my journey: exercise, eating well (not just what we eat but HOW) and balancing energy through boundaries, rest, meditation, spiritual health, self love, self trust and more. It is possible to live a lifestyle of wellness rather than focusing on weight loss only and living with a restrictive, dieting mentality.

In addition, I hold a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a major in marketing from the University of Arkansas. I am a regular monthly guest on Good Morning Arkansas and have been featured in The Arkansas 100, Little Rock Soirée Magazine, FIT Arkansas and more.

My wellness favorites are hot yoga (both teaching and practicing), cooking healthy meals at home with my family, all things #guthealth, morning walks with my dog, coffee breaks, quiet time, books, journaling and traveling. Not necessarily all at once.

Thank you for being here.

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